Loma de Ensueños – Hillside of Dreams

About Taita Iachak Alverto Taxo

Taita Iachak Alverto Taxo (Ushai.com) was born and grew up in the area of Loma de Ensueños, studying the wisdom of the Andean tradition with his father and grandfather. For more than 20 years, it has been his dream to "make the hillside green again", and about 20 years ago, working with people from his community, he planted trees and attempted, using only hand tools, to cut swales in the hillside to stop the water erosion. But without heavy equipment, they were not able to stop the water from overflowing the swales, undoing most of the work they had done. Then for many years, his life took him to other parts of Ecuador and to teaching in the US and Europe.

In 2009 Don Alverto joined with some of his students in reactivating and further developing this dream of making the hillside green again and of forming a community of people, both from the north (Eagle) and south (Condor) to live in harmony and connection with the land.

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