Loma de Ensueños – Hillside of Dreams

The Land

Loma de Ensueõs is a hillside where we have a great opportunity to give back to the earth. Since the hill was clear-cut about 50 years ago, the wind, rain, and equatorial sun have eroded and baked the earth, and canyons have been cut by the rushing rains. The trees planted by Don Alverto Taxo almost 20 years ago are still alive, but without regular water, they have barely grown in size. The earth is almost as hard as stone, and yet life does exist in the baked earth.

In order to make the hillside green again, heavy machinery is needed to cut more swales across the hillside which will trap rainwater, and start to help fill the water table. A drip irrigation system would allow planting of native shrubs and trees, and gardens for the community members to grow food. With water in steady supply, the hillside will come alive again, the soil can gradually replenish itself as roots penetrate it and hold it in place, and plant matter falls back to the ground to decompose and become earth again.

Here is an opportunity to deepen your connection to Mother Earth by caring for her in a small, but very tangible way. There are many ways you can participate.

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